2015 – It’s A Wrap

2015 was easily our best year yet!

We both graduated with our Bachelor’s Degrees and started our  full-time careers, Rob as a Dental Hygienist and Victoria as an Assistant Fashion Merchandiser.

As per a Year to Date recap done by Facebook, we came to learn that thus far – we have visited 52 cities in 2015. This comes down to happening upon more than one new city per week. Were we surprised to learn this? Absolutely not and it gave us an idea.

Why don’t we create a platform to share our adventures with our family and friends and share more details than just a check in on Facebook?

And so, the birth of the blog. We are “The Royal Travelers”. Our families always refer to us as The Royal Couple. We assume it’s attributed to our fabulous lifestyle. It’s budget friendly, we swear! #debatable Anyway, with our passion for traveling, The Royal Travelers just seemed to encompass everything we were looking for in a name.

We hope that you are just as excited as us for this new venture!

Song of the Day: On Top of The World By: Imagine Dragons

Stay tuned,

Victoria and Rob

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