#TBT New Year’s Eve Edition

That’s right – it’s Throwback Thursday: New Year’s Eve edition! We can’t believe that we are already one week into 2016!

Here’s our NYE itinerary:

4:00pm Bartaco in Port Chester, New York

From East Haven, Connecticut it took us about an hour and ten minutes to get to this Bartaco location on a late Thursday afternoon.

We wanted a meal that would hold us over, but at the same time, not fill us to our brims. If we’re too full, we get tired. When we’re tired, we sleep and we we’re about to sleep through New Year’s Eve.

Our solution: Bartaco, for many reasons! The tiny tacos enable you to build your meal to as big or as small as you’d like! Another reason is consistency. At this point, we’ve been to three different occasions and have an equally tremendous experience each and every time!

Image courtesy of @bartacolife Instagram

 What did we order?

To start, a margarita. You can never go wrong with a Bartaco margarita. It’s significantly smoother than most margaritas you’re used to. We recommend having them rim your glass with sugar, it compliments the drink better than salt. (In our opinion!)

To eat, we started with the Bartaco Chopped Salad. You will never hear us rave about a salad the way we talk about this salad! It has romaine, pickled carrots, crisp tortilla chips, fresco cheese, fresh radish, avocado and cilantro lime vinegarette. It’s the perfect amount of spice and flavor. Our apologies, we were very hungry when we arrived, so we did not have enough time to grab a picture before we enjoyed it!

For tacos, we stuck with our go to – the Baja Fish. They are nice and light! The fish is lightly fried, so it has a nice crisp! We ordered 3 each! For a meal, we recommend 3-5 tacos!

Our wonderful plate of tacos paired with margaritas:

5:30pm Check In to Residence Inn of White Plains

We decided to stay locally at the Residence Inn of White Plains. Our accomodations were the One Bedroom Suite. The room featured a living area, dining area and kitchenette. It would actually be the ideal apartment! The location was great, too – less than an 8 minute walk to anywhere we went!

  Our living area

  Rocking some props, so NYE appropriate!

9:30pm Off to Coliseum Night Club of White Plains

Our destination was the New Year’s Glitter & Gold Extravaganza at Coliseum Night Club hosted by Events By Tia Maria.

It featured everything! 

From a 70’s Disco Tribute Band:

 Images courtesy of Events By Tia Maria Facebook

To a Live DJ – DJ David Michael:

 Image courtesy of Events By Tia Maria Facebook

To extravagant decorations:



And of course the best part, was having friends to share the memories with!  


It was a perfect evening, but our celebrations didn’t stop there!

We made it back to the hotel by 2:30am. 

To our delight, there was complimentary breakfast at the hotel until 9:30am. After our night, we could use something to hold us over!

We checked out at noon and headed to our final destination!

12:30pm Off to Brunch at Vintage Lounge and Restaurant

We were so excited to find a New Year’s Day Brunch in White Plains that included bottomless mimosas, of course!

The menu included anything and everything!

Below pictures are from Vintage’s Facebook page:









This is how a brunch should be: a never ending flow of mimosas (that were more like champagne with a dash of orange juice – our fave!) and a balance of breakfast and lunch options! Our favorite dishes were the omelette bar, pesto chicken and lobster ravioli! For a mere $25.95 per person, it not only satisfied our tastebuds, but our budgets, too!

We celebrated 2016 with the best of friends. If this is any sign to how our year will be, we can honestly say that this will be our best year yet!

Our next getaway is planned for this weekend at Foxwoods with accommodations at Bellissimo Grande. Do you expect anything less of The Royal Travelers? Be on the watch out for our next post!

How did you spend your New Year’s celebration? Can’t wait to hear all about it!

All the best,

Victoria and Rob

4 thoughts on “#TBT New Year’s Eve Edition

  1. After reading your post I am convinced you are the Royal Travelers. 2016 welcoming the new year party was great. At the end your post you asked the question “How did you spend your New Year’s celebration?” Can’t wait to hear all about it!”

    I do have a post at my blog site about my New Year’s Eve. But if you go there and read it, it will probably make you want to be sick, there was no party. The gala party that you folks had was a celebration.

    I enjoyed your pictures and especially all of the food pictures. I do love good food., No I take that back, I love all food. If I keep sitting around blogging I will be one chubby blog/blob, in short order.

    Today’s assignment, we should be good neighbors and visit each other’s blogs and comment on each other’s posts. So I picked you as my first choice. I found your post to be very informative and entertaining and it could be a promote business advertisement for the New York area.

    Nice meeting you, please stay in touch as we work our way through Blogging 101.
    Again thank you for your post I enjoyed reading it. Now I can say I went to a New Year’s Eve party, thanks to you.


    1. I can’t wait to read your post on New Year’s! Oh I will be one chubby blog blob, as well! We’re in this together! Wonderful meeting you and thank you for sharing your kind words! All the best, Victoria


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